Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is a Test

Since the beginning of June I have fought to deal with blog issues and Walwares.
It got to be so frustrating and mildly upsetting I had actually reached the point that I considered stopping blogging all together.
I mean why do I spent my time writing about things that really aren't that interesting or particularly inspiring?
I read many blogs and am fascinated by the content, photography, humour and writing skills.
I do not possess any of those.
Mine is a humble blog, from humble meagre means, that has no aspiration to make money or hit the big times.
I write it as a journal, as a hobby and its something for me to share with family and friends and those in the blogesphere that find their way to me through links and such.
I like the traffic i get and feel lucky for each one of my readers.

But I find it an irony in my life that I had finally decided(after much clarification and debate) that maybe my blogging time is through....then today get info that my blog is free of malware and I am able to go forth.
I check it out and indeed it is clear.
I am excited but now have an overwhelming weight on my shoulders because I have SOOO much to write about.
I feel lost.
Where should I start?
DO I start up again?

Give me a day or two but I want to thank each one of you who have stuck it through and checked my blog as I have waited to navigate through Blogger hell!!

Thank You

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  1. Hi
    just came across your blog on Pinterest. What a gorgeous little dog. Thanks for the lovely photo. Congrats to you and your family.