Sunday, May 27, 2012

Warning!! Boob Cake

 Started the afternoon with a project for a friends stag party on the weekend.
His fiance, an incredibly amazing lady if I do say so myself, asked me to help make him a naughty cake.

Ran into problems at the beginning with crappy pans for the tata's but with the magic of butter cream icing I made it work just fine.

 It was quite a bit of fiddling around initially but super fun non the less!
Now I can add it to my cake resume.

 After the fondant (pictures courtesy my eldest lady) I had to make a pattern for the bra.

 I used sugar paper in zebra but I really didn't like it at all, but was committed at that point, so it stayed.
But never again.

 SO what do you make for a redneck hunter for his stag?
A set of boobies in a camo shirt with a pearl and Browning logo necklace.

Hope he likes it.
They are going camping way out in the back 40 and have to boat in and stuff.
Bringing this cake along must have been a real treat! heehee.

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  1. It takes an amazing lady to know one. Thank u for everything. It turned out FANTASTIC!!!!