Sunday, March 18, 2012

Science World

We hit up Science World in Vancouver last weekend.
It is a child's wonderland.
There were some new exhibits we had never seen so it was a big treat for us all.
Like this Lego display.
It was "interesting but not really enthralling" as K so politely put it.
Great feats of lego building mastery but you'd have to be interested in such things to truly appreciate the finer details and skills of such workmanship.

I thought it was pretty cool.
Actually all I could think about was how much each piece cost!!
And how long it would have taken to build life size statues.

The dinosaur exhibit was very cool.
Lots of life size creatures with limited movements and sounds, but enough to create an great life like impression, enough to scare a few kids anyways.
And they even had fossilized dino poop, so the kids thought that was pretty rad.

From a homeschooling perspective, the body exhibits were really great.
I got to really test their knowledge after our huge study.
E dazzled dad with her knowledge of all  the organs in the body, even finding the gull bladder and to show me up.

If you've never been to science world I strongly recommend a few hours to stop in with  the kids for a completely amazing afternoon adventure.

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