Sunday, March 18, 2012


 OK here he is!!!
Meet our newest, precious family member Leonard the border collie.

We though we wanted a small tea cup chihuahua or some such, but when we met Leonard weeks ago I knew he was for us.
And as fate would have it, he is now ours.
We don't actually get him full time for another 2 weeks as the incredible breeders want to keep him and his litter mates for a full 12 weeks, which is just amazing.
He gets the best of both worlds right now, and gets day trips or overnighters with us when we ask for him.

 He is so intelligent, which is in stark contrast to our other lovely goons.
Our lovers not thinkers, Molly and Lucy, are actually quite happy and rather indifferent to Leonard so the transition is easy.
It will be great to ease Molly out of constant play as she is getting old and her legs are getting stiffer and sore.
Lucy will have a playmate and a companion when Molly leaves us.
Big dogs age so fast and she is already over 7.
I dont see her living past 10, poor girl.

 The girls are smittened and just thrilled that he will be an inside dog, of which the other 2 are not.
They were ecstatic when I said he could sleep with them, something I may regret with all the laundry and such.
But they are so happy.
I wish I had a cuddle dog when I was a kid, heck I even want one now.

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  1. Oh.My.Goodness. He is so stinkin' cute! Yes, if my mom said that my dog could be an inside dog and sleep with me, I would certainly be ecstatic too. But oh well.... my dog likes it outside better anyway :P