Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Human Body Study

 We took almost 2 months to enjoy a in depth study on the human body.
I believe it is of utmost importance for them to know how their bodies work and what all the parts and functions are.
It is an incredibly easy unit to do as we all are one and the resources out there are plentiful.
 We found games, puzzles, books of facts, both strange and mundane, figurines and lots of internet interactive sites.

We grew a heart and intestines in bottles.
This anatomical man at our table the entire time and everybody who came over gravitated to it.
Our big project was this body we made.
We traced K out and filled it in with all that they learned.

 It was a wonderfully active project.
It really helped when explaining certain parts and made it very easy for both girls to understand where organs were when it is their size.

 We made a huge booklet of all the systems and organs and functions.
It turned out over 80 pages long.
This has to be my favourite thing we did this year so far.

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