Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brick House Betties (Helmet Panties)

The Brick House Betties are a hot local roller derby team.
A group of fine ladies that I miss terribly.
This morning I watched a scrimmage between them and the Faster Pussycats of Vancouver.
I left feeling excited for them and jealous of all the fun they were having.
 I also felt sad I wasn't playing.
I miss it.
But I did realize that since I am in the worst physical shape of my life, roller derby is not something I can do at this stage in my life.

SO I am now committed to getting my arse back in shape so I can rock and roll with these awesome gals.

 My feeble contribution to the team today were these helmet panties.
This time I redid this pattern and they worked like a charm.

 This photo is lifted from there website.
I just love the strut!!

These photos are from todays game.
Kinda wanted to get the helmet panties in action.

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