Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Most Extravagant Christmas/ I was Spoiled Rotten

 I was gifted by the most thoughtful gift imaginable from my oldest little lady.
K spent the time to embroider the word LOVE and hand sew some poppies on a hand made pillow just for me.
I literally fell apart.
I bawled my eyes out, from sheer delight and the fact that my 8 year old who has been distancing herself from me made this for me!!
This is so huge for me, for us.
She was just as excited to give it as I was to receive it and to me this summed up all of the spirit of the season.
And the fact that her and daddy went to  the fabric store, picked out fabric, actually dared to use my sewing machine and make the pillow is super cute.
This pillow will be treasured forever.

And on their sewing adventure, J made me a 6 foot stocking to house all of the gifts they got me.
They cheated a bit because we were only supposed to do stockings.

So what did they stuff into the enormous stocking?
Too many things to even count.
An amazing treasure trove of opulent gifts.

The highlights?

I mean I loved my iPhone but this blows it away.
Need I say more?

And a Targus Keyboard and Case to go with it.

The best noodle bowl EVER!!

I cannot wait to try these out as they are being reserved for my first bath in our new bathroom.

Plus so much more I  can't honestly remember.
Chocolates, books, clothes and gift cards, 

I must have been a pretty good girl!!

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