Friday, January 27, 2012

Kind Hearted Little Ladies

Yesterday the girls spent the morning cutting, sewing and stuffing little fabric bags with catnip.
They had the idea of making toys for all the cats at the SPCA and donating them.
The idea of this made my heart swell.
The fact that they actually followed through and created 19 of these little sachets of love all by themselves,  well words cannot describe how proud I am.

I had often considered doing twoonie parties for the girls birthday's, thats when invited kids bring 2 twoonie, one for the birthday kid and one for the donation box for  the SPCA, but I never wanted to force them to donate, I didn't think it was an appropriate time.
Now I am certain that it is Ok as they have proven that they are charitable on their own accord.

Today we delivered our package and a note telling the SPCA about why they chose to make these gifts.
The note stated that they felt it was important to keep the cats happy, so when kids get them the cats would be playful and kid friendly.
2 of our cats are form the SPCA, so the girls are familiar with the idea of adoption.

Ironically the building in this picture, that is named The Anderson Centre, is something close to us.
The money was donated by Bob Anderson as bequeathed in his will.
We bought the house that Bob had built and lived and died in.
This is our home and the girls are even more close to the SPCA than they knew.

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