Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meet Our Elf on the Shelf, Chuckles

 A few days ago we had an elf join our family.
Have you heard of the Elf on the Shelf book?
He's quite the mischievous little elf I tell you.
But for any family with young kids, I think this is such a fabulous idea.

 Now I can't say I've been super original, most (actually all so far) of the ideas I have gotten online.
And it can be a bit daunting to try to do this late enough at night that the kids don't wake up and see, to when I wont fall asleep before I remember to do it.

 The rewards are priceless.
It's like a little Christmas everyday.

 From toilet papering the tree, making snow (sugar) angels to having a snow ball fight with some friends and building snowmen on the counter.
Chuckles provides a great morning laugh and sets the day off with just the perfect amount of festive cheer.

I can see why this becomes such a warm family tradition.
Maybe one day I can even pass him on the one of the girls for their kids.

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