Sunday, November 20, 2011

Addition/Reno Part #4

 Weeks have flown by and the projects seem to be getting whittled away bit by bit.
The electrical is just about complete and the plumbing is next.
I have a love/hate thing going on with picking the bathroom fixture.
Love the styles/hate the prices!!
But all in all its going well.
By no means was my over ambitious dream of moving by christmas going to become a reality but that really is just fine with me.
Enough to do before Christmas really.

 Our roof is finished and the windows and doors are in .
Starting to look like a real house.

We are pouring the heat to it to dry it out completely before we insulate and drywall.
No small feat with this freezing weather we have, we had our first snow already!!

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  1. A newly renovated house is a big gift for Christmas! Glad everything went perfectly despite of the cold weather and the love/hate thing you have been experiencing. Well, Christmas is nearing again. I think inspecting the whole house, particularly the roof, would be a great idea before the cold weather of Christmas comes along!