Saturday, September 25, 2010

Growing Food Smart Kids

As a family we try to teach ourselves how to eat healthy home grown foods and share it whenever we can.
Meats, veggies, if we don't/can't grow it we try to find a local farm/ friend that does and buy direct.
I do go to the grocery store and I do shop at chain stores, but I try my best most of the time.
Between life, school and kids it can be easier to ignore the elephant in our lives but food is life and as soon as we get that maybe we can work together to make a difference.
Food is something I am understandably passionate about.
The more I read and learn the scarier it gets.
Just how far away from real food this world has gotten, sadly accepting the powers above to be in control of our lives.
Foods made from pure chemicals and nobody is willing to accept that this may be a direct correlation to our depleting health.
We turn a blind eye to the truths we are not prepared to acknowledge in order to not have to fight.
We all have to fight, either at the dinner table or in a hospital.
Genetic modification, corn, soy....the list is so extensive please don't get me going.
Documentaries like Dirt, Flow, Sugar, Food Inc., Monsanto, King Corn......and on and on.... scratch the surface of the ugly side of our food system.

There are so many website about food and how you can try to make a difference.
Take the time to check a few out and share with your loved ones..

Look around at some of the many amazing blogs from all over the globe.

People who live the life and walk the talk with real food, sharing the process making it approachable and attainable.

There are masses of informative books that really make you think about what you put on your plate and how it got there.

This is one that I really liked.

On this one too.

Tomorrow I am going to a round table discussion with Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms.

Someone I have read about, watched and admired for his approach to farming, eating and combating the convention food system.

Today I watched this YouTube clip from a face book post, of a boy talking about the food system.
It made me think that maybe I should have bought my kids tickets for the talk as well.

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