Friday, June 18, 2010

Beach Day

We started the day at a local beach, Goose Spit, for a climbing adventure.
There are incredible sand dunes that we climbed for hours.
You can go up so high and over look the ocean and surrounding area.

It is so quite and serene.
It has really changes since I was young and it is incredible to see how much erosion has taken away the mountain side.

Everyone else seemed to have their named carved in the side of the cliff so K tagged herself.

Molly found it too be quite tiring to climb up and down these cliffs.

We were so covered in sand that the van now looks like a beach inside.

All sorts of seaweed is strewn about the beach and the ladies love to play with it.
Nice scarf.

How about a hula skirt.

After a day in the yard transplanting and mowing we had dinner and headed to the lake for a evening dip.
So cold but really refreshing.
How am I kidding I just held the camera.

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