Friday, August 7, 2009

Hip Hurray!! I Made it Through Today

We have been renovating a trailer that we moved onto our property as a rental.
This is crunch time and it has been quite a busy affair.
I have been getting all the supplies and serving as the general contractor of sorts, which I love but on top of our regular say the least has been hectic.
I feel spent today and plan to take the weekend to relax.
I am thinkng that won't happen but I can dream.

And Yup!!? More Zucchini!!!
Today scrumptious zucchini chocolate chip cookies as a quick mid day snack that the girls loved.
Another perfect Barbara Kinslovers' recipe.

Crafty ventures of the week!!
I made these Story Stones last night for the girls, as a morning treat.
They were very simple to make.
I collected some rocks from the beach and cut up old scraps of fabric, from my quilt bin,into little pictures and Modge Podged them on.

I loved listening as they came up with elaborate stories.
They shared and played together for quite a while, and truly that was the best part.
I have thought of many more stones I will add to make the stories grow.
I just have to go to the beach to get more stones.

A beautiful friend gave me a bracelet for my birthday and I wear it faithfully everyday.
I loved it so much I started to create some more and the girls and I have been on a bit of a beading/button frenzy.

The spoils of summer.
A sad, poor hanging basket.
I think it is beyond help.
I am sorry plant, I am ashamed that you were so neglected.

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