Monday, July 6, 2009

Puddles and Stuff

I found an old storage ottoman at a garage sale last weekend for 2 bucks and knew I could do something with it.
Yesterday I managed to match up some fabrics from my ever growing collection and recovered the old thing.
I love the new breathe of life in an otherwise garaged item.
Mind you I may never be asked or paid to do any upholstering, but for me it is good enough and the kids love it.
It has a corner in our living room and has been a hiding spot, a dog pen and a trampoline all just this afternoon.

A simple pleasure.

This is my Molly. She is a real treasure. Sweet girl.

Playing in puddles when I was a kid was something I fondly remember.
The splashing, the muck, the bliss of getting dirty and it somehow being alright.

After that incredible thunder storm last night and the rain that come with it, our yard is a paradise for puddle jumpers.
E took advantage of that this afternoon in a way that brings out the kid in me all over.

She had hours of fun mucking around in the dirt and puddles.
I love that it is warm out. Doing this sort of thing in the winter is not quite so tolerable in the freezing temperatures.

I am not sure why, and not that I need a reason but E had more fun with her boots than wearing her boots.

That's our girl!!

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