Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lemonade Stand

The lemonade stand.
It is a right of passage for any kid.
A true to childhood endeavour and one the K was so passionate about we just had to do one. I was so excited.
On our road we are not able to sit out, so I asked our lovely neighbors at Ash Berry Farms across the way and we took the afternoon shift. Her boys already do a stand but they had commitments today so we lucked out with the strawberry lovers.
K got up early and picked fresh raspberries and a bowl of mint to start making our wares.

We made a lovely batch of raspberry lemonade that was a hot seller and an iced mint tea that was yummy as well.
We made a few signs and the girls donned their aprons, ready to sell.

The farm was winding down from a super busy day, but we managed to almost sell out.
It was such a cute thing to watch, and I am so proud of K's abilities.
It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

A great way to spend a weekend morning is to go garage saleing.
I came across this gorgeous head board set....FREE!!!!
Just waiting for little ol' me to grab it.
J was less than enthused when I asked for his help to take it our of the van.
He sees junk, I see a great refurbish.
A palette day bed, for out on our bedroom deck, that I saw on Design Sponge.
Meant to be.
This dirty storage ottoman will be fabulous once I recover it with a funky fabric,.... $2.00.

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