Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Day In Summer

An evening spent with family having a late in the day feast is such a wonderful way to spend a summer day.
After our yummy grub, of which I ate way too much, we headed across to the beach and played for hours.

Finally they got J into the mini kayak and all had so much fun splashing around the lagoon as the tide came in.

I love this picture and this moment.
As they grow I am sure this will prove to be a favorite over the years.

E has a knack and passion for sports of any kind and kayaking has proven to be no different.
She could have spent all night in there scooting around the ocean, but we only have one so she had to share.
I love her enthusiasm for anything outdoorsy and athletic.

This is such a cute picture of K.
She is so interested in new hair dos lately and she saw someone with chopsticks the other day and was so excited to do it herself.
I think it looks pretty cute, but a tad dangerous.

Update on the farm:

Our turkeys have become so much entertainment.
This batch has so much for character than our previous ones. They follow us around and make an assortment of sounds that always make me giggle.
They are not the smartest breed of animals but they have a temperament to fall in love with.
I feel a bit guilt that we have named them all, but the girl have decided that Steve'O' (named after their uncle) is Thanksgiving dinner.
I guess we'll see.

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