Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weather Fridge Chart For Kids

I feel it is important for kids to recognize the facts of life, from the weather, to how things growing or even their moods.
One way I know that my kids learn is by doing and sharing.
On our fridge we have two charts of sorts.
One to help them develop their understanding of their emotions and express them in an appropriate manner and the other is a weather chart which allows them to be in tune with the day.

Both have been so successful that we often make them as gifts and all kids migrate to the fridge whenever they stop over.
I thought while I was making one as a gift I would do a quick tutorial to share with you.

Here's what you need:
Foam Board
Permanent Markers
Magnetic Sticky Tape (or any other magnet that you can adhere to the backs)

Cut out shapes in the colours of your choice for each of the weathers you need to chart.
We get it all here but I couldn't figure a way to do hail or sleet but the general idea is there.
Cut out one larger piece for a label that the weather of the day can fit under.

Place magnets in all corners and around the weather pieces. Make sure their is enough to hold it firmly.
Caution Chocking Hazard If you have small kids be careful and use magnet paper that you can cut and place big chunks on to avoid the littler pieces.

Place on fridge and let the kids have fun.

Yes today I felt sneaky cheeky!!!

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