Monday, June 15, 2009

Treasures Of The Day

I love K's enthusiasm for photography.
I often give her my older camera and let her go into the yard and shoot away. She has figured out some of the cameras settings but was so excited with this one that she recently found.
At first she said she was frustrated by it because it didn't focus but she said she decided to find the best pictures to take out of focus. Smart thinker.
I am delighted by what she did.
Check some out.

We had another great weekend of garage sales and I am over the moon for this find. A wooden Fisher Price Teaching Clock.
I got it for 75 cents. It is circa 1964 and still works perfectly.
I am still looking for the old style camera.
One day, somewhere, I will come across it.
A classic example that one mans' junk is another mans' treasure.

A quick update on the newest birds in our lives.
Those silly turkeys!!
The Toms are so funny as are starting to gobble.
I love the sound and it makes me laugh out loud each time I hear it.

The ladies are still in love and cannot get enough of chasing them around.
They are soon to be out sized by these feathered beasts but until then they are at the mercy of two tenacious girls.

And of course what is a day without our garden, a few new blossoms, and a delicious salad for dinner.

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