Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sizzlin' Hot

After melting in the yard all day, the kiddy pool just didn't cut it, we headed for an evening at the beach with wonderful friends to have a delicious picnic.
All the kids played and swam until they were done in.
Then a quick bath and snack and heads to the pillow....and out!!
That is a nice ending to a nice day.
Now some me and blogging time with all the windows pouring in a cool breeze. AAAHHHH!!!
I wish I had some chocolate to munch on though.
I may have to break into the chocolate chips to fix this craving.
That is desperate, but it has been done before.

Did we even have a spring?
I know I had the fire going just 2 weeks ago and now we are begging for a breeze.
I have been watering the garden everynight but I know that the restrictions will be ineffect any time now so that won't last much longer.
Soon the lawn will be a brown prickly dry mess.
But I won't have to mow it either.
The ladies have had their schedule thrown off my the heat as well.
They don't eat much all day and I don't blame them but come night time they have bundles of energy and are famished.
Bed time keeps getting later it seems.
We have come up with some really tasty treats as of late to quench the heat and fill the void.
Easy, healthy and the kids are loving them.
Have you ever frozen a whole orange?
Try it.
It is so scrumptious.
Just wash it, freeze it for a day, cut in half and spoon away to goodness.

An old stand by that never seems to fail is a frozen banana on a stick.
Dip it in yogurt as you are eating it and it is a game my ladies love.
Any frozen fruit, or anything really, on a stick seems to attract my kids.

But nothing says summer like fresh lemonade.

It has been hard to keep the girls entertained in this heat or maybe I am to hot to think.
We have found many cool crafts like drawing with ice cubes, spraying paint on paper, and finger painting on the wall outside with washable paints of course.
Today we got out the flower press and collected a fist full of little flowers.

It shouldn't be long for them to dry in this weather.

Then I hope to make some pretty cards.

It has been a bit too hot to sit at the sewing machine but I did manage to get this cutie done for a friend to give as a gift.

We gave out invites for K's birthday next week and I am still working out the decorations and cake.

I love parties and am excited, maybe even more so than K.

We are doing a Hawwiian theme.

Fitting I think.

The irony will be it will rain.

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