Monday, June 8, 2009

Picture ToTell The Stories

I wish I had the time to blog more often.

Before I started I had heard of people blogging daily and didn't quite get why.
Now I have "the blog bug" and I actually get quite ansy when I don't have the time.
I have found that this is a great outlet for journaling, learning how to write better (and that is something I need lots of work on) and a way of sharing with people to help stay in touch.
I read many other blogs and they always seem way more interesting than mine, so thank you to all of you who stick around to read my ramblings.
I always seem to find something to want to show and tell.

Like this amazing little hummingbird nest K found today. It was filled with the neatest yard stuff, even a chicken feather.
What a great nature lesson for the ladies.
I so wish I knew that the nest was there earlier so I could have taken photos of the tiny babies.
I will keep my eye out for one next year in the same spot.

J came home with a truck load of these beautiful rocks from way out in the San Jaun river.
Now we can make a show piece walkway to the garden.
He always finds the neatest rocks and our yard has a great collection of them all.

My big girl walking in the waves.
I like this picture for its simplicity.

Some funky garage sale finds this weekend.

I love when you forget the beach toys (on purpose/ by accident..ssshhhh!!). There are so many great things just laying around to let the imagine play. This is a bug house E built.

Finally a fish for K. She had been skunked 3 years in a row. She was so delighted.

The Outdoor Show is always a hit, with so many great things to do. The kids have a great time building, eating and learning.

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