Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Miss Chievous

I was with my cake guru this evening planning out K's birthday cake.
For those who don't know me very well I am a party maniac.
I enjoy every aspect of planning out any big (or not so big) occasion.
In this case K is turning 6 on Friday and we are having a Hawaiian Party.
So I get to go wild with a cake and it is going to be a big chore, 3 days of prep and hours of labour.
All so worth it.
As of late K has been quite a handful in many ways.
It must be a combination of tiredness, the age, overall summer and end of school excitement and she's sowing her oats.
She has become a real prankster and is becoming much more independent and combative.
None the less it has been quite a time.
J just got home the other night and he hasn't really gotten to see much of this "new" side of K.
While sitting with my mentor tonight I get a phone call.
I guess while J was playing with the girls K snapped the waistband of his boxers and J didn't think much of it other than she was being a bit silly.
He later sat on the couch to watch the girls preform a dance and felt an unusual tickle in a place that he shouldn't and shot up from his seat flicking the back of his boxers down only to see a housefly fly out and away.
I think he realizes she is a bit more mischievous than he gave her credit for.
I so wish I could have seen that.
I really could have used the laugh.
I am not sure if he would like me to share this story with you, but he never reads this anyways. Heheheh.
Okay well she has gotten me too.
The other day she said I looked funny, so I asked how? and what did she mean? She proceeds to pinch the skin under my eyes on both cheeks and say I have big bags and that I should get them flattened.
Boy that made me feel great.
But even better, we were at a garage sale in a school gym last weekend and it was packed with people.
I felt a sudden gust of air and thought the door must have opened or something.
I quickly turned around quite startled that my skirt had caught a gust an lifted and saw many faces look the other way.
It was K lifting my skirt exposing my butt for the crowd.
She ran laughing.
On another note we did a bit of crafting today between the yard work and visiting.

Some classic salad spinner art. Always a quick and easy favorite.

Here are the flowers we dried. They worked out well. The sun dried them out quickly and now they are nice father's day cards.

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