Monday, June 1, 2009

Is it okay to love your garden...I mean really LOVE it?

This is my first peony bloom of the year.
I have posted the progress lately, isn't it beautiful.
I picked this up at a plant sale last year.
Does anybody know the name of this little gem?
It's now June and my greenhouse is almost empty.
I have transplanted most of the goodness into my carefully planned garden of Edan.
I am in bliss of all the green and am anxiously hopeful for it's fruitful bounty.
I am so eager for the abundance of excellent meals that will come straight from its yield.
But I am a little dismayed at the sheer volume of preserving I will be doing in a couple of months.
Anyone who has one can attest that a garden is a lot of work, but I am so excited to have it at a place where I have been trying to get it for years.
It really does take that long to establish a garden, and I think we are almost there.
A few more tractor loads of manure from the lovely horses next door should do.
Thank to this wonderful weather the garden (and weeds) have gone crazy.
And we have been enjoying the sun so much but dare I say I would be thankful for a bit of cloud cover for just one day.
Maybe even a touch of rain!! Only a touch though.
I have said it many times before, that I am a truly west coast girl.
I am not used to the long freezing cold winters like we just had nor the hot dry summers of late.
A happy medium is perfect for me.
Although one thing that this heat spell has done has brought out my creative cooking side.
I have had to come up with some new, healthy frozen treats for us all to enjoy.
I will be writing an article soon for Our Big Earth on said topic and I will post a link.
Till then here is a photo I thought summed up our treaty summer day today.

So many frozen treats to enjoy for summer.

What else does summer mean to us around here besides food and gardening?Sunscreen, summer hats and cute little dresses.

Laundry on the line.

And the sunburn I have on my shoulders.

A farm girls tan for sure.

As a brief postscript I'd like to apologize to anyone, okay everyone in the Thrifties checkouts this afternoon as my youngest decided it was an appropriate time to yell out her well tuned rendition of Highway To Hell (AC/DC) for the masses. I know it was a tad inappropriate but I was stunned at all the hairy eyeballs I received from most of the people. I felt alone and a little at awe of how to reign her in until I saw a young woman a few isles over snickering. A fellow mother, glad that it wasn't her. I knew that it was just "one of those moments" I'd have to suck up.

Yes my children listen and love to rock to AC/DC and many other classics. Am I a bad parent for that?

And I am certain there will be many more moments to come.

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  1. Just wait til she yells "We've got the biggest ......."
    tee hee!
    Wish we'd been there, my kids would have joined her!