Friday, June 5, 2009

Frizzle, Frazzled, Harumph!!

I didn't really have the energy to be a great parent today, somehow I wasn't even a good parent at times.
Sure I got what needed to be done accomplished but I had no motivation for all the extras I generally am so capable of.
I am so lame for feeling this way.
I simply woke up from a horrible sleep, cramped on the edge of the girls bed from our "sleepover" and I knew the day was set to be off.
I always strive to be a model parent ( a feeble attempt to compenate for my parents shortcomings) and try to teach my kids to be the best they can be even when they aren't up to it.
Yet today I had trouble following my own advice.
So what could I do when I woke up feeling the frumps.
I made a promise to myself I would turn this around and make something positve out of it.
I would take a step back and watch, really watch the kids to take stalk of treasured moments so I could rekindle my dulled out flame.
It worked.
I mean I always watch and admire my girls; gloating to myself as any proud parent does marveling at their sheer brilliance and the youthful joy in everything they do.
All day today while going through the paces I watched.
I saw some amazing things.
My spirit cup overflowiths this evening.
This is something I will more conciously do from now one.
While feeling the duldrums I usully try to pacify myself with a little something that is sweet tasting.
Today I managed to make a super easy and delectible frozen dessert.
With all the fresh fruit coming into season I tried my hand at Mango Glacee.
Worth every minute of waiting for it to freeze.
Heres a bowl to share.
Sweet Dreams.
I hope I sleep better.

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