Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crafty Thursday

We did some serious crafting today.
This morning we got out all the makings for what E has starting calling Goopey Gawk.
The recipe is super simple and kid friendly.
It is so sweeshy and fun to play with they spent just about an hour in the coolness of the house, mezmerized by the stuff.

Recipe is as follows if you are interested.
In one bowl mix 1/2 cup white glue and 1/2 cup water.
In another bowl mix 1/2 cup water and 1/2 Tbsp Borax.
Mix contents of both bowls together and add a bit of food colouring if you'd like, we did blue today.
Stir and mix with your hands and it will soon be a gooey, but reletively clean, substance that is easily stored in an airtight container.
Try it and have fun.

After lunch we dyed some salt with food colouring and let it dry in baggies in the sun for a while.
Afterwards we made cards and filled jars with the colored "sand".
Yet another in the shade craft for the day.
In the afternoon we went to Art in the Park.
How fun was this today?
Imagine tying large sponges to your feet and stepping in paint and walking around till your hearts content.
My girls had a mile wide grin with this project.
I so wanted to do it as well but spent my time filling the paint canisters.
Sponges use lots of paint.
While the girls had a relax this afetrnoon I made a custom order for 3 Kasa Bags. The bags are for a Fairy birthday party and each bag has the little ladies names one them.
So sweet.

I posted about a cool doll house project we were starting to venture on .
This has been waylaided as the cats have taken over the house.
K took this picture of one of our cats Melman.
She has a great eye already.
I love the stairs and the clock in the background.

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  1. Goopey we'll have to give that a try.
    What is art in the park?
    Your Kasa bags are so neat!