Sunday, June 14, 2009

Butterfly Feeders

With 8 acres in a rural treed setting, you have the luxury of watching wildlife from your windows, doorstep or almost anyplace in your yard.
In our library we have countless reference books on wildlife, birds, insects and such to help the kids, and quite often myself as well, learn about our beautiful world.
We have many feeders for birds around the yard and in winter we make snacks for the birds as crafty ventures quite regularily.
We string cherrios and hang them from trees.
We string popcorn on wire bending them into shapes, leaving them on fence posts or evesthroughs for the winter birds to enjoy.
We have a always thought about the birds but have forgotten the lovely butterfly.
And as they are just starting to be spotted in our yard, we thought we shoud make them a feeder all to themselves to enjoy.
I really hope we can attract them to our windowsills to be able to admire them better.
I have to admit that I saw this idea in a craft book but I cannot remember where or which one.
So I sincerely appologize and will give credit where its due when I stumble upon the origin of this idea.
Till then here is an easy craft tutorial.

What you will need:
Paper or Plastic Cups
Cottonballs or Cotton Wool Roving
Tissue Paper or a Coloured Plastic Sheet (to cut into petals)
String or Ribbon (for hanging)

What to do:

First gather your tools and materials.

Cut petals out of choice of tissue or plastic. Plastic cup and plastic petals will make a longer lasting feeder.

Use scissors or a hole punch to make 2 holes on opposite sides at the top of the cup.

Turn cup over and make a hole in the bottoms center with the scissors for the cotton to sit half way out of.

Before you add the cotton, glue the petals on the cups bottom so that they are hanging over the sides.

Stuff the cotton into the hole and attatch string or ribbon.

Once the project is complete, partially fill the cups with a weak simple syrup. (Mix 1 cup water with 2 tbsps white sugar until dissolved.)

Hang in a location where you can watch your flying friends enjoy your craft.

Make sure to refill your feeder to keep the butterflies coming back.

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