Saturday, June 13, 2009


Yesterday my eldest daughter turned 6.
We woke her up singing the birthday song and showered her with birthday love all day.
She is such an inspiration to me and I love her so dearly that my heart aches with pride as I watch her grow into a beautiful lady.

K has taught me so much about life and about love.
I treasure our moments and marvel at her amazing talents and confidence in life. I wonder what she will be when she gets older, if she will have kids, if she will travel, if she will find love.
I want to share the world with her and teach and guide her as much as I can before she goes off into the world for herself.

We were lucky and spent the morning on a class trip to Kin beach.
I love wathcing all the kids explore and hearing them laugh in the distance.

I remember my 6Th birthday clearly, I look back fondly as I hope she will too.
We celebrated her day in Hawaiian style and went all out.
To set the scene, we made a path with wood rounds around our front yard and had a entrance that you walked through cornered with Tiki torches.
Upon entering K gave each guest a Lei, a skirt and a flower hair clip.
Our dressed up guests snacked on fresh fruits, nuts and beverages native to the islands and later we had fruit slushies to cool down with.
We had a scavenger hunt, a hula dance off, played with beach balls and hula hoops and got out the limbo stick.
All in all everyone had tonnes of fun.

There was even a palm tree, pineapples, surf boards and patio lanterns to complete the decor.
I found a radio station from Hawaii that streams online and so we were able to listen to wonderful native island music that I could never have found otherwise. That really was the icing on the cake.

Ah yes!!! The CAKE!!
So we spent hours, and I will not confess as to how many, creating a massive volcano and single cake hula girls.
I think it was quite something in the end.

We were not able to access any dry ice so we had to settle for sparklers but it worked out just fine.
K and all the guests were ecstatic.
Each girl had there own hula girl to enjoy and that was a real treat.
After we opened all of her wonderful gifts each girl went home with their costumes, the ladies from their cakes and some little trinkets to enjoy.
I think it was a fabulous party and am already planning the next one.

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