Monday, May 18, 2009

Victoria Day Weekend Memories

Since I was 6 years old I have taken in the annual May Day parade in Cumberland.
Rain or shine in 28 years I think I have missed only 2.
It hasn't really changed , yet my excitement has wained some.
I remember the build up to the morning of the parade, barely able to contain my excitement.
A short walk, or run, up the street to claim my piece of the sidewalk and wait for the show.
It's still an all to familiar scene of sirens wailing from various vintage vehicles, tacky floats, community groups marching and local dignitaries in old cars. (Although I seem to remember a few more floats from local businesses.)

Of course notably, and my favorite, the scores of bagpipe bands, blaring away the many tunes that I couldn't name but can hum along to note for note.
It has a certain charm that lacks any originality, yet it conjures up so many memories and I am so eager to share that nostalgia with my kids.
To pass on a tradition that is 121 years old.
Maybe my girls will one day dance in the may pole dance I as once did.
Or get a chance to be a member of the May Queen party as I so wished I could have.

There are new attractions and vendors that have become steadfast over the years, because I do not remember the games, face painting or so many foods to chose from.
I remember sack races, hot dogs and just running around the park and having a blast with every kid in town.
I know my girls had a day to remember today and that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

The rest of our weekend was filled up with sun, family and the garden.
I do not think we even saw the inside of our house for more than 1 hour each day.
We ate, rested and visited outdoors all weekend.

My garden has had some serious attention as I have managed to transplant almost everything from the greenhouse into the lovely beds we had ready for them.
This year J lucked onto a roll of road building fabric and we placed it throughout the garden and covered it with mulch.
I sure hope it works.

The girls have discovered a new game of bringing a chicken into the garden. At first they had them on leashes and I so wish I had my camera out then, but as they got comfortable the chickens got to just run around.
E even shared her lunch with one.
I sure hope she didn't eat from the spoon afterwards.

J told the girls that he would build them a swing set next time he was home.
And boy did he deliver.
This will be so fun once it is all completed.
All we need is a new drill bit so the swings can be bolted in.

I got a free moment late one evening and tackled my sewing corner up in our bedroom.
With my sense of urgency and simpl style and J with his impectable patience and trusty tool kit, it received a much needed face lift and re-organization.
Now it is neat, clean and precise.
Hard to believe that I can do so much from such a small space.
But it is my space and that is what really counts.
So, Sewing I come.
I have many projects on the go this week.
A couple of Kasa Bag orders, 2 birthday gifts and a quilt for my grandma.
It is going to be a great week.

Picture of the day.
Uncle S made K this amazing crown from the weeds in the back of Nana's yard last night.
He spent a long time and it is made to last.
K said she felt like a fairy princess.
Oh to be a little girl again.

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  1. When can J come and build a swing over here????