Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am so in love with this dress that was given to me by my great friend next door.

She was cleaning out her closet and invited me to catch anything I wanted that she was throwing out.

Now I just need a place to wear it to.

Somehow the grocery store doesn't seem fitting.

I see red lipstick, a great pair of heels and a funky hairdo to top this off.
Some day.

Once again we spent the day outside enjoying mother natures glory.

We did art in the park this afternoon and made some fun paper bag kites.

Of course climbing trees and swinging was just as fun.

I realized after I posted yesterday that the photos I took of my fairy house were not an adequate portrayal of my piece of work.

I failed in my attempt to display it authentically amongst the garden.

I felt that it need better representation and these pictures do it a bit more justice.

Bare with me.

This craft inspired me to resurrect an old dollhouse I got from the auction in Cumberland years ago.

I really miss the auction, it's ambiance and the smell of old things.

I found so many treasures there and it is a place of my youth I will always fondly remember.

The doll house, named Jenny's Cottage, is such an old, odd thing, full of smelly old carpets and interesting nooks and cranny's.

It needs lots of work, but the structure is great to start from.

I am excited to see where this will end up.

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  1. LOVE THE DRESS!!! I see a great "Twister" partty coming to your yard soon! FZ