Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh Blog...How Do I Neglect Thee?

I think of you often, as you are never far from my to-do list.
I want to be with you daily but alas I am a busy gal.
Please forgive me.....
It has been a great week.
We have been busy with all the usual goings on, friends, sports, blissful living, gardens, crafts, and food.
What a wonderful life really.
I made the sweetest little skirt for a friends beautiful baby's first birthday and I think she loved it. I know I did.
It would be so much easier if only I wore skirts.

I wonder if it is okay to fall in love with material things.
Why you ask?
Because today I recklessly fell in love.

This morning I started to sew a skirt for a lady friend of mine and my machine flailed and kaput..yup it upped and died.
So I was on a mission, and several sewing deadlines, to acquire a sewing machine.
And that I did.
I have had dreams of being a good sewer,(that word is another one of the English languages faults), that a machine could help me achieve those goals a cheap old second hand one just wouldn't allow.
I have had visions of a machine that would thread it self, self regulate it's stitches and particulars and practically run itself while I am out of the room.
Cheaper than hiring a labourer if I could get my machine to do the dirty work.
Guess What??
My dreams have been answered.

Please do not ask how much it cost, and I won't tell you.
But it would have helped if we won that lottery last week.

Here is what I was able to whip up after dinner.
I think I am justifiably enamoured.
The rest of the day was simply sweet. The girls were full of beans and we laughed so much my guts hurt a bit.
The girls chose to set up a swim center for the afternoon and even though the rain came and went they persisted until dinner.
As I sit here at the end of my day, I am fruitfully reward with some delectable desserts I made today from the fresh rhubarb I traded for some eggs. (Thank you Lou)
I couldn't decide on the crumble cake or the honey ginger raisin compote, so I had a sampling of each.
Good night.

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