Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fairies In Wonderland

I have always been in love with the idea of fairies.
I used to imagine them playing in the forest behind the house where I grew up.
No I am not losing my mind (yet).
I really do love the tales and lore about the mysterious little mystical beings.
I have picture books and stories that have become treasures to me and now my girls.
It doesn't get more girly than that.

And today, for no reason in particular, I started a project that came to me years ago.
I have always wanted to build a fairy house.
Made of sticks and twigs and earthy stuff.
I grabbed a basket and ventured around the yard.
Then I began with no real idea in mind, letting the materials be the guide and Voila...a home that any fairy could be proud of.

I had an idea while I was gathering supplies, to make hanging vases and fill them with the splendor from our yard.
The girls and I roamed the yard and it didn't take long to have enough flora and fauna to fill 6 mason jars that I tied ribbon around and nailed to the walls.

A quick, easy and a nice touch to boring exterior walls.

Afterwards I brought out some embroidery hoops and assorted stuff for the girls to work on in the sunshine.
As they didn't even come inside today it was a break of sorts.
I love how they sit so intently doing these.

Were you wondering what I did with my new sewing machine today.

OK maybe not so much but I did get a couple things done.

Again I cannot bring myself to buy something that I know I can make...for cheaper.

These little bags are a smart idea I snagged from The Green Room, where I sell some of my adult bags.

These saucy little gems are an Eco snack bag.

Too cute, easy to make and easy to use.

I beefed mine up a bit as to not just copy the originals.

I put a little hook handle for drying after washing, or to help carry.

They are fitted with Velcro and lined with organic cotton.

They really help to use up those tiny bits of fabric that are too big to cut for quilting but have no real place...till now.

Does anybody want me to make them some???

I have a new machine that is burning to go.

Today I had the most amazing experience.

I met a elderly couple that took me into their home and sat with me talking endlessly about their lives.

I devoured it.

I am always in awe of the lives people lead and wonder if anyone will sit and listen to me babble when I am old. (Much like blogging today I guess)

The lady has the beginnings of dementia and her husband is an incredible rock for her. I was vaclempt at his devotion and patience.

They have lived lives that I cannot even begin to imagine, immigrating from Germany to Canada in 1956.

Their only child died at 9 days old and with that heartache she couldn't bare to have anymore.

Without any coaxing, E sat on her knee soaking up the kindness and let the lady hug, and nuzzle her.

The lady was in heaven. It was something to watch. Her raw emotions as she struggles with her sanity and reality, yet she still has that primitive mothering instinct.

E could sense the warmth and genuine love.

Before we left, he took cuttings from his huge lilac tree and gave us the lovely bouquet you see above.

I was so elated to have met them and they will be on my weekly visiting rounds, baring sweet treats to share and eager to listen to more.

Today was an amazing day.

Thanks for sharing.


  1. Oh Sarah, what a lovely post! The tears are still on my cheeks from reading it. Thank you. An amazing day indeed!

  2. Yes please to the snack bags! I can even supply the fabric from my stash. B. x