Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dinners Out

It has been a lucky week around here.
We have been invited out for dinner twice already and once again tomorrow.
It is really nice to spend the day doing all the busy stuff we love to do in this glorious weather and then be treated to great friends and food.
(Not to mention no cooking and cleanup)
The other day we got to visit with friends I rarely see.
It is wonderful to be able to just pick up where we left off even though it has been almost a year since we have last seen each other.
That is true friendship.
Their son and our girls always get along great.
It is amazing though how you notice the passage of time when you haven't seen a child for awhile.
It makes me feel so old.
Our kids had so much fun playing in a boys world.
I think this train set, which took up the whole floor, was the best fun of all.

I always feel it is mandatory to bring something when going out for dinner.
I usually bake up a dessert, or bread and fresh butter or create a beautiful salad. But tomorrow we were told to just bring ourselves.
Nice, and it gives me an excuse to create something to give.
I decided that I would make a hostess gift to pass along, but seeings as our host is a man I came up with a little gift that I thought would be fitting.

Kinda cute heh?
I really think every bathroom should have these so guests won't feel that subtle awkwardness when trying to decide which of the towels are to dry their hands on. In these situations I often opt for my pants.
I mean you never know what was dried with that particular towel.
Okay enough said about that.
Last night K had a special sleep over at her Nana and Papa's.
Her chance to be on her own and be treated like a diva.
She soaks every minute of it up, and I don't blame her.
On their morning rounds, they went to a garage sale on their way back home and I guess K had her heart set on these old dolls.
They all came in a basket, each one with a lovely handmade dress.
The dolls are very old and a little freakish looking up close, but they are a neat addition to any girls collection.
I too lucked out because I can copy the patterns off the clothes so and make more.
Or Lucky dolls I guess.
Now K has the garage bug.
First thing in the morning we are off to find some new treasures.
That's my girl.

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  1. My mum just tells me she's going "saling" out your house will be bursting at the seams soon!!!