Wednesday, May 20, 2009

4 Leaf Clovers

Do I really believe in luck?? Silly superstitions and childhood games??
I don't know if I truly do but you won't catch me under a ladder and I always think about it if a black cat crosses my path.
So should I believe that I am in for some luck for finding a four leafed clover today??

Will I be in for a tonne of luck because I found 5.
Yup 5. All in one spot in about 2 minutes.
There they were, waiting to give me some luck.

So I bought some lottery tickets....a lot of them.
Just a note.....I won't be posting tomorrow after I win.

On another topic.
Do you ever look at your child and just gasp in awe of how big, grown up, maturely independant and wonderful they have become.

I had such a moment today, more profoundly than any other time and it all was culminated in this photo of Miss K, on her way to her sparks farewell tea.
She got herself ready and asked that I take her picture, and as she come out the door I felt my jaw drop, literally.
She sure doesn't look 5 years old to me.

I think we may have my hands full. Hee hee hee and I love it.
I admire her flair and sense of style.
She is all about fashion and her hair. Oh goodness, her hair.
It is definitely innate because I do not possess these skills in the slightest.

1 comment:

  1. Watch out the zoo boys will be there sooner than you know it!
    She is absolutely GORGEOUS!