Friday, April 24, 2009

Well, Here I am, and I am Excited

This is it, I am officially committing myself. I have been debating on doing a Blog for about a year, because ultimately does anyone really care what i do or have to say?
But then i realized recently that that is the fun of it all.
To share our daily struggles and enjoy the moments together. To look back at our adventures, sharing it all, no matter how minute or inconsequential, with you all, my amazing family, friends and friends to be.
Starting this new venture seems daunting as i have been collecting ideas and photos for a long time. I am not to sure on blogging etiquette, but i will figure this out as i go. Please all i ask is that you be patient with me.
Now I fear I will be constantly asking myself,"Is this "bloggable"?
I will be laying awake at night trying to form the right words to capture an idea.
All in all, I can only hope that it will be a fun experience and that you will enjoy it as well.

Welcome to our world, full of fun, chaos and lots of love.

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